The reason why I feel that it is difficult about an English proverb

Hello everyone! I’m Hiroki.

I have difficulty to understand the meaning of the English proverb. Proverbs is very complicated. I can understand easily as for Japanese proverb because I’m Japanese.

However, I do not understand that it becomes an English proverb at all.
I tried to check that out in my own way.

Japanese proverb and English proverb

In the beginning, let me introduce Japanese proverbs and English proverb.


Japan:「覆水盆に返らず」(fukusui bon ni kaerazu)

English:「There is no use crying over spilled milk」


It never returns to the cause once to have got up.

Both Japanese, English expresses a lesson “to never come back to the cause as for having got up once”. Those are the same meaning but expression is different. So I feel difficult to understand those.

The difference in different culture

I express the Japanese “water” in this proverb with “milk”. Because milk has close relations abroad in life, it is good and is used for a proverb. In the case of Japan, “water” and “tea” are used well. In other words, the culture every country and language is reflected in a proverb.


Why I have difficulty to understand the meaning of the English proverb? The culture was related to the reason. It is difficult to understand the different culture. However, if I learn English proverbs, I will be able to understand English culture. It is a good way to learn English proverbs for understanding the different culture.


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