Start English blog!

Hello!  I’m Hiroki.

Nice you meet you!!
I decided to start English blog since today. I explain the reason that intended to begin English blog now.
Let me do simple self-introduction first.

About me


I was born in Osaka , raised in Okayama. My family moved Okayama when I was elementary school.
I went back in Osaka when I was college student. My previous job is salesman of education system and web advertising.

I like Rock music. My favorite bands are Aerosmith, Metallica ,GreenDay, OASIS,RHCP,CrossFaith,Foo Fighters etc. I often go to the concert and Gym when I have free time.

Ok, Let’s get back to the main topic.

The reason why I decided to start English blog

First,I want to be able to speak English well. I think writing something to use English is the good way that improve English skill. I wanna talk all over the world with people. I can know several culture if I can speak English. I’m Japanese so I’m familiar with Japanese culture.

However,I’m not familiar with other country’s culture. So, I want to know the differences between Japanese and other country’s culture. It is good to know the difference in culture for me.

Second,I wanna introduce Japanese culture toward foreigners. I think that Japan has unique culture, for example food, religion and lifestyle. I can know me deeply by introducing Japan to a person.

If there is a mistake in my English, please comment.


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